Its like alright you're in the mood now. Kissin, this in that next thing you know we are done. Kiss kiss you next time miss ;) We go a little while without talking. Next thing I know your here in my inbox...I don't know what you want from me. You think I am just a toy you can play with for a little while then throw it in the drawer. We both know this aint going anywhere. Tell me what we gonna do? Continue down this road with you passing up the good guys just to get so high just for a little while. This path that we are stuck has got to end somewhere. You see it ending with you and me; I see it ending with a lie neither of us are comfortable with. You will find somebody new you don't know what you are getting into. I tell you to leave yet you smile and pull me close. The outside world doesn't know about us...But here its just us two so hard to turn away when it feels so right but you know its not the way it will stay. You got baggage like a mile long, I do to. Your demons scratch your insides like mine; We are bad yet we don't want to be. Together you would think we would compliment each other yet our demons don't play well. We know this wont work I should just quit you but instead I stay here happy with you. If my friends knew they would ask why and try get my head right. Your friends knew they would probably end up in a cell block; with you in the hospital. I laugh we you say official because officially you are just a friend...Officially we do not exist; So save that playlist for me baby and next time we meet will be our favorite time. This story gets old...
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