Sometimes I feel invisible...I love the people that engulf my life. I just don't feel like they value me. I am trying to learn how to do that very thing. Love and accept myself its just really hard when people tell me I should not feel the way I do. That the emotions I have are wrong. I thought people that care for you are supposed to build you up. I know we get mad and take it out on each other. You think that because I am trying to find out who I am that I have given up on my dream and I just don't see how you can give up on something that has truly just begun. Unfortunately, I am in this for the long haul it seems...If these I cut these people out who will I be? Is it not, in a sense, running away from some problems if your just not ready to constructively resolve them? Or is it a thought provoking retreat to regroup? Is there a difference? What should I do? I will get back to you on these...
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