You push and you pull. You pile your lies until the roof seems as though it may burst from all the cracks in your house of life. I bury myself deeper to hide from the truth that I say I seek... The truth is I lie too. I dont really need you. Those reaccuring thoughts I have are not of you but still sometimes I peek through that mask I have carved for myself. In those small momments I am the me I want to be and you are the you. Back to reality though as far as love goes this isnt what it is. I want it to be, I dream that it may be but truth be told that whole little dirty secret love story gets old. You say you want me, you say that I am the one who is settling for something less. The truth I must confess it is both of us. You dont know I know. I try to fake a smile because I didnt know I was pretending until I looked into the mirror.

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