I crave many things...Sometimes I wish these unlogical cravings would leave me. Yet here they are clawing away inside of me. Telling me I need something that I dont. Love is something that is hard to find, yet I somehow have been lucky enough to find it in many places...It is not enough though a piece is missing from an ever expanding puzzle that is me. I do things I dont want for reasons that are somewhat unknown. Maybe I am afraid of what scar I might carry for being foolish enough to tangle with love. I have seen it one too many times. Someone has a lot of potiential but they waste it because of all the time they spend with someone who is only going to hurt them in the end. I crave a career something that I work towards everyday yet it still seems so far away. Somedays I ache from working all day and its never enough to get where I want to be. I crave more...Yet many times I go to bed starving because even though my stomach is full my heart seems to not function from time to time...Maybe it is my brain, or the things I have seen. For all I know maybe it is because I left a place I should have stayed. I try to priorities straight but it seems I keep getting distracted from the goal the plan. I dont want to continue the cycle that has played out before my eyes for generations. I want to forge a new path for me and my family. I plan to be happy with who I am, what I do, and who I am with. I tried my ten seconds of bravery; still not quit sure where it got me.

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