I am sure I am not the only one who feels like life is kicking me right in the teeth. Yeah I have dealt with some of my issues that kept me chained emotionally. But now I am just trying to get bak onto the right path after spending a great deal of time being lost,  just spinning like sonic the hedgehog. I work two jobs to make ends meet. Miss out on things that normally define a young adults life. Just so at the end pf the day I can come home and let my surroundings engulf me more than before. I say it is just for a little bit longer but the truth is at this rate it is going to take a miracle for me to move one step forward without moving two steps back. I tell myself I can have a life that I love later in life atfer I have worked my ass off. To be completely honest I am not sure I truly believe that statement anymore. I just want a normal leave most of my baggage to the past, to improve my families life, and to just be happy. I sometimes wonder if life doesnt have other plans in mind for me. In real life I would hve ended this with a statement that belittled everything above stated because I wouldnt want to make the person listening depressed but this is my place to vent and reinvent so based on how I am feeling I leave it at this at this point in time I feel trapped and pretty helpless when it comes to the path my life has taken. I will continue to work to make it better hopefully not be a unamused with life as I have been today. Wish me luck

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