The purpose of this is just to list some of the things I long for...What I mean by that is as a young adult the dating scene well is scary to say the least.

I dont want an all consuming love; Just a love that is good. I want to wake up everymorning to loving arms pulling me into a deeper embrace. The type of love where many laughs and smiles are shared. In ways I want to get lost into a mesmerizing scene. With cuddles, movies, and just two people enjoying eachothers company. I want it to be mature enough to withstand disagreements, time, and bad health.

We can do whatever...Play video games, going exploring land never before seen by us, or go dancing. I could ride anywhere with you. But where are you my person I have been waiting so long to meet you. I have learned many things during this time. I just wish you would stop wasting time and come in to my line of sight. When you find me i will be ready and try not to fight the story we should right...

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