What I Really Am

Where I come from you here about eveyonce in awhile when something bad happens. Other than that we escape the news... If you could smell the school halls you would wonder why it is still open. It seems as though building officials do not exist. We build so we can make more money while slaughtering the natural beauty that was gifted to us. People act as your friend then treat you as an enemy all in the same minute. Caregivers seem more like a bad movie villian than warm providers of love; If the manage to even be in your life. You pray someone is telling the truth but can hardly tell the difference. Then to make yourself blend better you started down a dark road. You try what you think might work in hopes that one day you wont hurt...When you close yours eye barely able to breath because you have cried for hours begging god to make this nightmare end. The hard truth is your misery is something you dont know how to live without; You set yourself up for failure because of the fear of failure. You believe what is said about you instead of taking the time to know for yourself. Everytime you start the search fear of the results push you further back from the truth. By the time I have a sense of who I am at this point in my life something comes along that makes me question myself...I live with these things that I can never bring myself to fully confess...Everytime I try it seems the only one listening is someone who is part of it in ways. This mood will pass soon...Too bad it is a reaccuring feeling. In short, I have no clue who I really am; I do hope to find the time to get to know.

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