You to You

 Have you ever just sit a reall y thought about what you need to work on?

For me this happens often...I am going to say that the purpose of this is for me to list the flaws I have I would like to work on. Not for me to dwell on the bad parts of me. I am trying to construct the me I aim to be. The first I guess is the most common dislike someone has. My body...I intend to start working out more. I just need to lose a little weight and tone up. I have a plan to set this in motion that I will try very hard to stick to. Second I feel like I am stuck on this path, I get this way often. I am taking lessons to better my life but honestly I just hope I am walking towards the right street or at least in the right direction. Third, I have found that I am somewhat of a loner; not saying I want to be alone all the time but I do need my me time. Many times I act like I dont only to find myself very frustrated from the people I keep in my life. I need to insist on my own time before this happens...sometimes this is also easier said than done. Fourth, Learning the difference between things I should settle on and things I shouldnt... This can be difficult due to the lines of the two being easily blurred. It is one of those things I guess you just have to learn from experience. Fifth, I need to accept more people in my life. For a long time now I have blocked people I feared might hurt me to make room for people that have hurt me repeatedly. I really dont know why I do this. I guess I long for this people I know to be the people I used to know. Time changing people can be wonderful to watch and it can also feel like the air is being crushed from your lungs. Somethings are just things you have to bare until your ready to release them. Sixth, Stop wanting things you shouldnt...Meaning when you knoe the only end of the story is a sad one dont accept it!

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